Back to School Campaign

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The LGBT Network is mobilizing to take back our schools, libraries, and communities from these hateful opponents of LGBT visibility and representation.  We need your help and support to grow and sustain strategies for LGBT inclusion and equity as the new school year launches.  Because this is just the beginning. 

Please make a donation today to ensure that LGBT youth are not stuffed back into the closet by this hateful opposition.  Your gift will counter bullying, grow visibility, and launch two new initiatives that will help LGBT people and allies gain a fair share and fair voice in supporting LGBT youth.

·      $45 will provide on school with a complete “Coming Out Day Campaign Organizing Kit,” with hundreds of rainbow and trans ribbon, posters, information cards, Safe Space Stickers, and an Organizing Manual that includes guidance about how to counter discrimination 

·      $75 Trains one parent or community member to take action and counter anti-LGBT activity in local schools and school districts through our School Ambassadorship program 

·      $125 Prepares one person to run for School Board or Library Board in their community so that they can provide fair and equitable representation for LGBT youth 

·      $250 Provides anti-bullying education for ten (10) students in a local school