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World AIDS Day

The LGBT Network is hosting World AIDS Day events to raise awareness and show support for people living with HIV. World AIDS Day takes place on December 1st each year. It’s an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, to show support for people living with HIV, and to commemorate those who have died from an AIDS-related illness. Founded in 1988, World AIDS Day was the first ever global health day.

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A calzón quitado
Wednesday, December 1, 6:00PM – Virtual

Únete a nuestro grupo donde hablamos de los temas que afectan a nuestra comunidad, sin tapujos pero siempre con respecto. Un lugar donde puedes ser tu mismo y discutir de todo a Calzón quitado. Han pasado ya casi cuatro décadas desde que empezó la pandemia del SIDA. Ha sido un camino largo donde muchos seres queridos y miembros de nuestra comunidad LGBT perdieron la vida. Sin embargo, mucho se ha avanzado y hoy por hoy, la infección por VIH es muy manejable con una esperanza de vida prácticamente igual que el resto de la poblacion. Pero, independientemente de que tengas o no VIH, sigue afectándonos. ¿Tu como vives el VIH hoy? Conversemos a calzón quitado. 

Almost four decades have passed since the AIDS pandemic began. It has been a long road where many loved ones and members of our LGBT community lost their lives. However, much progress has been made, and today, an HIV infection is very manageable, with a life expectancy like anyone else. But whether or not you have HIV, it continues to affect us. How do you live HIV today? Facilitated in Spanish.

LGBTQ Women, Femmes, & Thems Social
Wednesday, December 1, 7:30PM – Virtual

Zoom in to meet other LGBTQ women and femme-identified people at our social hour! Enjoy a night of mingling, ice breaker games and more! Today we will discuss the history and importance of World AIDS day and speak of the social movement that has taken place over history. 

Tri-State Singles Meet-Up – Gay/Bi Men: PEP and PrEP
Thursday, December 2, 5:30PM – Virtual

In honor of World AIDS Day, we’ll discuss new and exciting developments in HIV and prevention methods like PrEP and PEP, and how they have changed the way we view sexual health and safer sex. Join us for this important program as we discuss the myths behind PrEP and PEP in order to combat stigmas and set aside fear.

TGNCNB Peer Support Circle
Thursday, December 2, 6:30PM – Virtual

Join us for another night of support and community with transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary folks of all ages.  Our conversations can go anywhere, and are always interesting! This week we’ll discuss how HIV and AIDS has affected and continues to affect the TGNCNB community, in honor of World AIDS Day

LI-SAGE Casual Friday: Unveiling the AIDS Quilt
Friday, December 3, 11:00AM – Virtual

In observance of World AIDS Day, Casual Friday will feature vintage footage from 1987’s unveiling of the AIDS quilt at Washington DC’s National Mall. A minute of silence will be held during the program.  We’ll discuss the impact of HIV and of the quilt itself.

We Like To Watch (18+)
Monday, December 6, 5:00PM – Virtual

Join us for a discussion in honor of World AIDS Day, where we’ll be bringing awareness to the AIDS pandemic caused by HIV infection, which disproportionately impacts people in the LGBTQ+ community.

Gay, Bi, Queer+ Men’s Meet Up 
Tuesday, December 7, 5:30PM – Virtual

In Honor of World AIDS Day, this week we’ll discuss HIV/AIDS then and now: conversation on stigmas associated with HIV/AIDS from the past to the present and possibly open up the conversation to what it was like to live during the height of the AIDS epidemic.


The LGBT Network relies on the support of their many volunteers to serve Long Island and Queens LGBT communities. As a volunteer, you will join the ranks of other kind, compassionate, generous, hardworking individuals who have affected tremendous and far-reaching change for our community.