Advancing LGBT diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts to create safer workplaces for LGBT employees!

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Floor & Decor


Summit Committee

Geoffrey Au, Henry Schein

Nicole Brand, Floor & Décor 

Ryan Beck, W Services

Christel Colon, Brookhaven National Lab

Robin Derin, Dime Community Bank 

Aspen-Drake Elkins

Steven Fleischer, PSEG

Joanne Gianninoto, Henry Schein

Tamara Layne, AlticeUSA

Paul Martinez, Suffolk County Government

Tracey McIntyre, Rivkin Radler

Stephanie Williams, PSEG Long Island

The LGBT Network is holding our second annual LGBT Workplace Summit on Wednesday, October 19, 2022 to convene and help businesses advance their LGBT diversity and inclusion efforts in the workplace to create safer spaces for LGBT employees. Registration is open, and Sponsorships and Journal Ad opportunities are available.



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8:00 am to 8:30 am – BREAKFAST

8:30 am to 9:30 am

What LGBT Workers Want: An Intergenerational Panel 

The LGBT workforce is diverse and has a range of workplace priorities, needs, and experiences.  Hear from five LGBT-identified people from across generations how their experiences have shaped what they seek in an LGBT-affirming and inclusive workplace.   


  • Aspen-Drake Elkins
  • Nicole Brand, Floor & Décor
  • Juan Garcia, Broadridge
  • Craig Johnson, Webster Bank
  • Tammy Layne, AlticeUSA

9:45 am to 10:45 am

Driving Culture: Implementation & Approach of LGBT Inclusion Efforts

Recent years have shown a major shift in workplace and talent management, with culture being a major indicator of attracting and keeping talent.  Panelists will define culture and inclusion, its understanding and interpretation by employees, measurement and assessment, and a plan to drive culture forward.


  • Steve Fleischer, PSEG Long Island
  • Christina Vargas, Suffolk County Community College

Getting Started & Achieving Success with BRGs, ERGs, and DEIB Groups 

LGBT employee groups are propagating throughout the region, and this panel of experienced group leaders will share their tips for every step of making your group effective and successful.  The session will also include an overview of the ERG lifecycle, steps for roll-out, making a “business case,” leadership buy-in, building membership, and sustaining the group.


  • Geoffrey Au, Henry Schein
  • Luis Boettner, AlticeUSA
  • Joanne Gianninoto, Henry Schein
  • Theresa Grimaldi, Brookhaven National Lab
  • Gina Ruggiero, GE Aviation

11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Advancing Your LGBT Talent Plan: Recruiting, Training, Retaining, & Developing 

Gain insights to improve your LGBT talent plan from an eclectic panel of HR pros.  The LGBT workforce continually is seeking LGBT-inclusive and affirming companies for their next job.  The session will bring participants through the process of tailoring each of the main phases of talent management, incorporating a range of topics such as policies, marketing, benefits, mentoring, assessment, and more. 


  • Rich Brigandi, LGBT Network
  • Tracey McIntyre, Rivkin Radler
  • Michele Nemaric, Brookhaven National Lab

Beyond Pride Month: Employee Engagement and Community Involvement 

Pride Month is over – now what?  Companies are seeking more ways to engage and celebrate their LGBT workers and the LGBT community throughout the year.  Session panelists will share the rationale for extending efforts, as well as a broad range of strategies that can be employed throughout the year to sustain employee engagement and community involvement.


  • Tamara Layne, Altice USA
  • Teshia Levy-Grant, Webster Bank

12:15 pm to 1:30 pm – LUNCH & CLOSING PLENARY

LGBT DEIB in a Virtual World: Adapting and Innovating to a New Normal 

The workplace has changed: 35% of people work remote 100% of the time, and an additional 23% of people work one to four days from home.  How does this impact LGBT DEIB efforts?  How do workplaces engage their employees with LGBT DEIB efforts when they are not in the office?  Our panel will share their experiences of transitioning their efforts to reach employees both in-person and remote/work-from-home to meet the needs of a new normal.


  • Geoffrey Au, Henry Schein
  • Cameron Little, National Grid
  • Tracey McIntyre, Rivkin Radler


REGISTRATION TO ATTEND IN-PERSON $100 (Includes post-event access to recordings for all sessions of the event)

REGISTRATION FOR VIRTUAL PARTICIPATION $80 (Includes post-event access to recordings for all sessions of the event)