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LGBT Network Denounces President Trump's Ban on Transgender Service in the Military

The latest cowardly, disgraceful, and un-American comments by President Trump attacking the thousands of brave transgender service members who protect our country every day is yet another shameful distraction from a failed administration desperate to turn attention from it’s inability to govern and from the extensive criminal investigations which undermine any credibility they might seek to have.

This decision to force able-bodied, patriotic American servicemembers to leave the military is being made despite current Department of Defense rules allowing honorable service by transgender individuals, and will only harm the strength and readiness of our armed forces.

The LGBT Network stands united against this ignorant, hateful attack on our community and our nation. We will be hosting a major press conference at 2pm denouncing this shameful action, and will be announcing a protest of President Trump’s visit to Long Island taking place Friday, July 28.

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