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LGBT 101 (Customized for Students/Youth, Educators, Providers)

This interactive workshop provides an introduction to the LGBT community by defining common terminology, explaining the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity, and exploring both risk factors and resiliencies. The training will conclude with a discussion of best practices to create safer and more supportive environments for LGBT people.

Transgender & Non Binary Experiences (T201) (Customized for Students/Youth, Educators, Providers)

This educational and interactive training will improve understanding of the unique experiences of people who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary (TGNCNB). We will discuss some of the various ways in which TGNCNB people may or may not transition and how to support each person’s individual journey. Topics covered will include knowledge of the social and health needs of the community, creating safer and more affirming spaces, and identifying local TGNCNB affirming resources.

Charging Up Your GSA

Get your GSA club re-energized with opportunities to empower and train your club members, attract new members, and plan and organize various “days of action” to stop bullying. GSA club members will have the opportunity to share their best practices from their own GSA club. Participants will also learn about how they can incorporate anti-bullying peer programs, HIV/sexual health education, and more!

Upstander Training (GSA Clubs)

Don’t Stand By, Stand Up! Become an UPSTANDER at this LGBT Network interactive workshop, it trains and empowers youth to intervene when they see bullying. Participants will be trained to identify types of bullying and bystander behaviors. Through role-play, participants will better understand bystander behavior and have the opportunity to practice effective and appropriate responses to bullying.

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How your can help

The LGBT Network relies on the support of their many volunteers to serve Long Island’s LGBT community. As a volunteer, you will join the ranks of other kind, compassionate, generous, hardworking individuals who have affected tremendous and far-reaching change for our community.