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Over the past three decades, the LGBT Network has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of LGBTQ people, their families, their allies, and institutions.  Although we have made progress, the climate for LGBT people is the worst it has been in decades, and the LGBT community continues to face challenges in their daily lives.

  • There’s still bullying in schools, and homes aren’t always supportive of LGBT youth.
  • Hate crimes are on the rise.
  • LGBT people, including those starting families, face harassment in the communities they live.
  • Our LGBT older adult community need safe spaces to age and build community.
  • In the workplace, LGBT people need equity and inclusion.
  • LGBT small business owners face hurdles to growing their businesses.
  • And then there’s the political environment that has become a battleground for LGBT rights. 

In 2024, the LGBT Network will be doing more of what it’s been doing for 30 years – creating safe spaces for the LGBT community – because EVERY BODY in the LGBT community deserves a safe space to live, learn, work, play, and pray!


The LGBT Network is creating more safe spaces for more LGBT youth in schools.  Our anti-bullying programs will work to put an end to the bullying of LGBT youth in our schools, while our youth leadership programs will empower even more youth to become upstanders, speaking out against bullying and running their own programs to stop bullying.  And we do this work from some of our oldest, strongest, and signature programs and events – our LGBT 101 anti-bullying education program for students and teachers; our GSA club leadership sessions and events; our annual youth gatherings that convene hundreds of youth; and our annual Coming Out Campaign that helps transform school communities in support of LGBT youth.


We’re helping more LGBT people to connect and build community. Our group and social programs bring LGBT people and their allies and support systems together so that they can connect with one another and build a sense of community.  This includes our regular programs for youth, older adults, people who are transgender, LGBT people who always or often speak Spanish, LGBT-headed families, and our social events to help LGBT professionals network.


The LGBT Network is helping more LGBT people to be healthy.  Mental health is more important than ever.  We’ve expanded our mental health counseling program to the Hamptons, and we’re helping LGBT people with opioid addiction, too.  Our Parent Group helps parents create homes that are safer and more supportive for their LGBT kids.  We train people preparing to be foster parents so that LGBT foster kids get the support they need at home, too.  And we’re still fighting HIV and AIDS through testing programs and community outreach so that folks know their status and get the healthcare they need.


The LGBT Network is helping businesses to create more safer workplaces.  We work with companies of all sizes and types to create safer and more inclusive workplaces for LGBT employees.  Our Workplace Summit convenes the leaders of LGBT diversity, equity, and inclusion in our region, while our LGBT Career Fair connects LGBT-job seekers with LGBT-affirming companies.  At the same time, we’re helping LGBT-owned small businesses to start, grow, and thrive.


Throughout the year, we hold a series of signature, annual community outreach events.  Families Day provides a safe space for LGBT-headed families to gather.  Our annual Youth Conference and Summit events are the largest gatherings of LGBT youth in our area, uniting youth for a day of empowerment and leadership development.  Our annual LGBT Youth Prom gives LGBT youth a safe prom experience.  And our Pride events – three huge Pride celebrations – Queens, Long Island, and the North Fork – events that unite tens of thousands of LGBT people, their families, and allies, continue to build visibility, celebrate our community, and enable LGBT people to have the freedom they deserve!

  • Empowered youth.
  • Safe homes and communities.
  • Healthier people.
  • Inclusive businesses.
  • And more visibility for who we are, so that we can be free.

The LGBT Network has been creating safe spaces for 30 years.  And we will never stop fighting for you. Create safe spaces for EVERY BODY in the LGBT community for another 30 years.  Please donate today to support these efforts in 2024!

Thank you!


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