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WATCH NEWS12: Long Island’s biggest Pride Month celebration just days away

The countdown begins to Long Island’s largest Pride Month celebration at Eisenhower Park. The theme of this year’s Long Island Pride Day Celebration is together again after the event was canceled last year because of the pandemic. The event, which is sponsored by LGBT Network, will take place Sunday at the Harry Chapin Lake Side Theatre. “Personally, for me Pride is about being proud of who I am and showing my community that I am happy to be gay and happy to be me,” says Joe Villafane, of LGBT Network. David Kilmnick, who is the head of LGBT Network, says there will be no mistaking that the event is about Pride when you see rainbows all over the park. “And that is so important for so many Long Islanders, for so many parents, so many kids, so many families and our entire LI community to be together to celebrate who we are – and to be able to have a really good time,” says Kilmnick.


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