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WATCH NEWS12: LI cultural, LGBT groups provide positive outlook for Biden administration

The leaders of some Long Island community groups say the Biden administration sets a good example for everyone in the U.S. Along with Joe Biden being the president of the United States, Kamala Harris is the first woman to be vice president. Harris has both Indian American and Caribbean American roots. Leaders of local cultural organizations say they’re proud someone who shares their heritage has become vice president of the United States. They’re also hopeful that Biden will unify the country. “Joe Biden and what he’s saying and what he’s doing right now is showing us that he’s trying to bridge the gap between people,” says Antony Ahyoung, of the Suffolk County Caribbean American Cultural Association. “We are all human beings, and we have to come together to really make this work.”

David Kilmnick, president and CEO of the LGBT Network, says multiple groups will feel safer under this administration. “It’s a time when we’re going to get truth back and get science back, we’re going to address racial injustice, we’re going to make sure our transgender troops can serve in the military openly and freely, we’re going to make sure our LGBT youth are safe in schools,” says Kilmnick. “This is a time of hope and moving forward for our country.” Indian Association of Long Island President Shashi Malik says Harris sets an example for all people who immigrate to America. “Immigrants, they have a hope if they work hard, they can achieve anything they want in this country,” says Malik. Meanwhile, other Long Islanders News 12 spoke with say they’re not so sure how the new Biden administration will be, and say they’re taking a wait-and-see approach.


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