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For the 22nd year-in-a-row, the LGBT Network organized its National Coming Out Day #WearTheRibbon Campaign in local schools, workplaces, and organizations.  This Campaign builds visibility and awareness, and makes advances in creating schools, workplaces, and organizations that are safer and more inclusive for LGBT people.  This Campaign is more vital than ever given the surge of anti-LGBT hate and rhetoric ravaging our communities that aim to keep LGBT youth in the closet – a dangerous outcome.

Using Rainbow and Trans Pride ribbons, posters, and other materials provided by the LGBT Network, the Campaign is implemented by students, teachers, librarians, corporate professionals, and other community leaders to create safe spaces for LGBT people.  These visuals serve to remind people of the existence of LGBT people and the continued challenges that exist: 9 out of 10 LGBT youth hear anti-LGBT remarks at school every day and more than 50% of LGBT people aren’t out at work

This year, the LGBT Network shipped 336 Campaign Kits, including to 240 schools and 96 businesses and organizations.  38% of Kits were delivered to Long Island schools, businesses, and organizations.  55% were delivered to NYC schools, businesses, and organizations.  The remaining 7% were out-of-area. 

The LGBT Network extends its thanks and gratitude to the 31 households that sponsored a Coming Out Campaign Kit.  The support of these donor households helps keep the Kits free for a local school in Long Island and/or NYC.  “The generosity of these donors is the backbone of our work – their gifts help LGBT youth feel safe school and make strides towards stopping bullying, and subsequently reduce the risk of suicide,” says LGBT Network CEO Robert Vitelli.  41% of LGBT youth consider suicide.

  • Beatrice Alda
  • Bonnie Kappel
  • Christopher Dolce
  • David Thomsen & Joseph Fusco
  • Deborah Alexander & Jerry Landecker
  • Everett & Rita Flannery
  • Harriet Perlmutter
  • Jacqueline searing
  • Jeff Santonostasi
  • Jennifer Meth
  • Jennifer Nyx
  • JoAnna Fasulo
  • Joanne Davila
  • Joanne Strauss
  • John E. Wiegel
  • Judi & Jay Bosworth
  • Justin Drzal
  • Kathy Rittereiser
  • Keith Stewart
  • Kenneth Pezanowski
  • Michael J. Burne
  • Myrna sandbrand
  • Northwell Heakth
  • Paul Elsner
  • Paul Goldsman
  • Robert & Leslie Herenstein
  • Robert Schaffer & Arther Bailey
  • Susan Ullman & Arik Levinson
  • Tamara Layne
  • Terence Woodside
  • Thomas Dinapoli

The LGBT Network thanks the 336 leaders who requested each Campaign Kit and led the charge in their communities.  “These are true community organizers who are engaging communities to take a stand, even when it’s scary to do so, and our movement for safe spaces continues thanks to the momentum they create!” says Vitelli. 

Click through the arrows below to see campaign participants coming out for safe spaces:



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