Visibility, education, opportunity, and safe schools are critical for our LGBTQ youth. Curriculum that is inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity is at best poor and where it does exist is coming under attack. We need your help to change that narrative and create permanent and sustainable change in every school district in Long Island and Queens!

Become an official LGBT Network School District Ambassador for your local community and school district and work together to ensure that every school has age-appropriate education about LGBTQ people, families and issues. Let’s finally move forward and have LGBTQ history taught in our schools, just like it is done for other groups and identities. Be part of the LGBT Network annual LGBT Youth Conference and help plan bi-annual regional summits. Be part of the change!

Sign up below to become founding LGBT Network School District Ambassadors! Together we will create safer schools, increase learning about LGBTQ people, families and issues and make change school district by school district. Thank you!

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