The 2022 LGBT Employee Survey seeks to capture the experiences and needs of LGBT people in the workforce.  The LGBT Network is collecting this information to inform our 2023 strategy for our LGBT Workplace Initiative that helps companies and organizations create safer and more inclusive workplaces.  Please take just 5 minutes to answer these questions and help #ChangeTheWorld!

LGBT Employee Survey

Are you an LGBT-identified person?
What is your age?
Do you live in Long Island or Queens?
Where is your current or most recent job?
Approximately how many people does your current (or most recent) company employ?
On a scale of 1 to 5, how LGBT-inclusive and/or affirming do you feel your current and/or past employers have been?
How important is it to you that your next employer is LGBT-inclusive and affirming?
Please rate in order of importance the most important attributes of your next job:
Distance from home
Working remote at least some of the time
Company actively supports LGBT employees and LGBT community
Promotion opportunities and career growth (talent mobility)
(Use Numbers 1-5 to rate and prioritize. Number 1 being the most important.)
On a scale of 1 to 5, how much do you think your current or previous employers and co-workers could have benefited from having LGBT workplace education?
Are you out at work as LGBT?

Thank you!  If you ever need support or assistance, or have questions about how the LGBT Network can help your employer create a safer and more inclusive workplace for LGBT employees, please reach out to us at