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Get Justice League

The LGBT Network’s #GetJustice Project is working to build awareness and knowledge about Sexual and Reproductive Justice (SRJ) issues for the LGBT community, especially LGBT young people.  The Project seeks to end the stigma, oppression, and barriers to access for sexual and reproductive health, wellness and justice specific to LGBT youth.  We do this by educating young people and youth-serving professionals about SRJ framework, the negative consequences of Sexual and Reproductive Oppression, and how to be advocates for change.


What is Sexual and Reproductive Justice?

Sexual and Reproductive Justice (SRJ) is working for the right to choose who and how we love and how we use our bodies—without intrusion from the government, employers, restrictive religious organizations or others. The goal of this movement is to create a world where everyone has a fundamental right to sexual health and bodily autonomy, which includes the right to decide whether or when to become a parent, to create a family of our own definition, and to do so with dignity and free from violence and discrimination.


Here's how to get involved:

  • Host a #GetJustice Workshop in your school, organization or GSA club

    Both youth and adult participants will gain an understanding of the sexual and reproductive rights currently afforded to youth in New York City and State, and what rights still need to be won. Our Community Educators will inform participants how LGBT youth are currently being prevented from utilizing sexual and reproductive healthcare, feeling comfortable expressing themselves, and/or staying safe & healthy by people and systems charged with their well-being.    Participants will be given the tools to discuss SRJ issues in the LGBT Community and advocate for change.  Call, email or click here to book a #GetJustice workshop.

  • Join The #GetJustice League

    The #GetJustice League is where LGBT and ally youth become superheroes for Sexual and Reproductive Justice!  Youth are provided with exclusive top-notch training and opportunities to discuss SRJ issues so that they can be catalysts of change in their schools and communities.  Plus, #GetJustice League superheroes help organize our first youth-led “day of action” throughout Queens.  Become a superhero: Meetings are every Monday (except holidays) starting February 12, 6-8pm at the Queens LGBT Center. Click here to sign up.

  • Attend the #GetJustice Youth Summit 

    The Queens LGBT Center is organizing the first Borough-wide youth summit focused on the sexual and reproductive rights of LGBT Youth, and the fight to increase justice in these areas. We hope to build a community of activists that join to together and supports each other to achieve the goal of Sexual and Reproductive Justice. The Youth Summit will be a day of workshops on specific sexual and reproductive justice issues, activism & advocacy training and community building. Attendees will also help develop video and digital content about LGBT SRJ issues to be used in their schools and on social media to spread the word of SRJ across the world. Click here to register.

  • Participate in #GetJustice Day(s) of Action

    #GetJustice League members, Youth Summit attendees and Workshop participants can join in the first of its kind campaign to increase SRJ awareness in every community in Queens.  Through video storytelling, a poster campaign and social media content the LGBT Network and our youth partners will ignite the community’s passion and compassion for justice.  We believe this campaign will be the first step in cultural change that will allow LGBT youth to access culturally competent and supportive care, safely express themselves, and have healthy relationships. Click here to participate.

Interested in participating in any #GetJustice activities? 

Call (718) 514-2155, email, click here to be added to the #GetJustice outreach list, and click here to learn more about the #GetJustice Youth Summit


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