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Building Families

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Hear what people have to say about our LGBT Families Program:

  • "Great event today for the boys to get out and play with some other LGBT families. Thank you LGBT Network for having these opportunities"
    - gay father of twins
  • We had such a great time... cannot wait for the next get together!"
    - gay father of a 1.5 year old
  • "C--- says at least once a day 'I'm going to see Moana with my friend Mark... I love Mark. He's so nice.' So you will definitely see us!"
    - lesbian mother of a 3 year old and 1 year old
  • "K--- was so excited for this. She was telling her uncle and friends that she was going to a special party where everyone there has two moms or two dads."
    - lesbian mother of a 5 year old and infant


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