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Building Families


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The LGBT Network’s LGBT Families Program, sponsored by RMA Long Island IVF, supports LGBT people building and strengthening families! We offer personalized and comprehensive support to LGBT prospective parents interested in exploring new pathways to parenthood. To build community among LGBT parents and their youth, we organize fun family events and support groups to prepare family members for the unique experiences of being part of an LGBT family. We design and collaborate with local organizations and professionals to provide educational workshops, parent trainings and information and referral services. LGBT Network provides a sense of community to LGBT parents and their children to build and strengthen forever families.

LGBT Families organizes programs and services that focus on:

The LGBT Network is pleased to present this LGBT Families Coloring Book for our community.  Please enjoy exploring and coloring this wonderful collection of real LGBT families.  This coloring book celebrates the diversity of LGBT-headed families, highlighting that families come in many shapes and sizes and start in different ways.  Ultimately, love is what connects us all! 

LGBT Network extends its gratitude to all of the families who shared their pictures as part of this project, and for being part of the mosaic that comprises our community – thank you! 

Please share your creations!

After you turn and color the pages as a family, please share your creations by tagging the LGBT Network (@lgbtnetwork) on social media (or via email with #lgbtfamiliescoloringbook and #LGBTNetwork so we can continue the celebration online and make LGBT families more visible to the world!

Download the LGBT Families Coloring Book!

Upcoming Programs


Wednesday, June 23 | 6:00P-8:00P
Building Families in the LGBT Community with LGBT Network & RMA Long Island IVF

Zoom in to learn about assisted reproduction directly from experts in the medical, legal, social and financial aspects of these pathways to parenthood. Bring an open mind, a pen to take notes, and all of your questions so you can learn the most up-to-date information to support your family building journey!

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Thursday, June 24th | 7:00P | LGBT 101 Virtual Workshop for Parents & Kinship Families

LGBT  Network’s “LGBT 101/Anti-Bullying Program” is a 45-minute professional yet fun and interactive educational workshop designed to increase understanding as a tool to decrease the bullying of  LGBT  people This parent workshop uses activities and ongoing dialogue and Q&A to facilitate conversations and foster understanding.   The program covers the topics of sexual orientation, gender identity, and experiences of LGBT people.  The program also provides definitions and understanding of terms such as non-binary, pronouns, gender fluid, and heterosexism/cissexism. 

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Thursday, July 29th | 7:00P | T201 Virtual Workshop for Parents & Kinship Families

LGBT  Network’s T201 workshop is an educational and interactive training which will improve understanding of the unique experiences of people who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary (TGNCNB). We will discuss some of the various ways in which TGNCNB people may or may not transition and how to support each person’s individual journey. Topics covered will include knowledge of the social and health needs of the community, creating safer and more affirming spaces, and identifying local TGNCNB affirming resources.

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Strengthening LGBT Families

At the LGBT Network, we provide a wide range of support opportunities for all families. We all face challenges in managing our relationships, and LGBT Families is a supportive, uplifting environment where you can find the help, information and community you need to maintain healthy and happy lives.

We offer fun and informative parent and family events on topics ranging from LGBT-affirming children’s literature to trauma-informed parenting strategies to community building for LGBT-headed families. At our events, you will meet others who are traveling the same road, and be able to share information about common experiences and challenges so that you can build your own support network.

LGBT Families programs have included:

  • LGBT Family Potlucks!
  • LGBT Story Time!
  • Becoming a Successful Parent to TGNCNB Children & Youth!
  • Family Arts & Crafts!
  • Dad Meet Ups!
  • Mom Meet Ups!
  • LGBT Families Expo: Kid Zone!
  • And much more – please join our LGBT Advisory Team meetings to help design awesome programs you’d love to see for yourself and your family!

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Becoming an LGBT Parent

As LGBT community members, we often face unique challenges to family building and parenthood. At the LGBT Network, we understand that it can be intimidating to gather reliable information and to navigate the comprehensive process of becoming a parent.

From foster care to adoption to assisted reproduction, the LGBT Network supports our community members to explore all options for becoming a parent while guiding you through the legal and societal challenges that you may face along the way.

Because becoming a parent is a major life change, LGBT Families provides a wide variety of workshops designed to support you, as well as offers FREE comprehensive, personalized and responsive support to LGBT prospective parents interested in building or expanding their family!

LGBT Family Building support includes:

  • Parenthood planning workshops
  • Networking opportunities
  • Resource referrals, specific to your needs and desires
  • Individualized support throughout the process!
  • Foster care
  • Domestic adoption – private and agency
  • International adoption
  • Assisted reproduction – IVF, IUI, surrogacy, donorship, etc.
  • Older-child/teen foster-to-adoption

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Hear what people have to say about our LGBT Families Program:

  • "Great event today for the boys to get out and play with some other LGBT families. Thank you LGBT Network for having these opportunities"
    - gay father of twins
  • We had such a great time... cannot wait for the next get together!"
    - gay father of a 1.5 year old
  • "C--- says at least once a day 'I'm going to see Moana with my friend Mark... I love Mark. He's so nice.' So you will definitely see us!"
    - lesbian mother of a 3 year old and 1 year old
  • "K--- was so excited for this. She was telling her uncle and friends that she was going to a special party where everyone there has two moms or two dads."
    - lesbian mother of a 5 year old and infant


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