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Fresh Food Associate (Walmart)

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Fresh Food Associate (Walmart)

Why is Walmart America's leading grocery store? Our customers tell us one of the biggest reasons is our hard-working and happy-to-help fresh food associates. Join our produce team and you won't just keep shelves stocked, you will make important decisions about the quality of fruit and vegetables our customers eat and feed to their families. Work in our deli and you'll be on the front-lines of customer service--your smile can make the difference between a good shopping experience and a great one. You won't just bake bread in our bakery--you'll help a family have a great meal. You won't just decorate cakes--you'll help customers celebrate.

No matter which fresh food area you work in, there are similarities in all departments. These include detailed cleaning of the shelves and department, checking and maintaining temperature control, verifying dates, and disposing of lesser quality food products. If you have a passion or experience with fresh food, this is the job for you.

Duties and Responsibilities
- Ensure high quality products are available in produce, deli, bakery, dairy, meat, and other departments
- Pack ready-to-sell products in proper containers and stock displays
- Prepare and serve ready-to-eat food
- Assist customers in ordering cakes, fulfilling deli orders, or finding the right produce
- Keep area clean, sanitized, and customer-ready

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