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Newsday Cover Story Recognizes LGBT Network’s 25 Years of Leadership

Empowering future leaders to carry the message of equality and hope

2018 marks the LGBT Network’s 25 years of leading the LGBT community and movement on Long Island and nationally. On Sunday, December 2, 2018, Newsday recognized the leadership and impact of the LGBT Network through its quarter century of work that not only provides support to LGBT people and families, but also empowers them to become leaders.

The cover story and 5-page spread captures milestone moments and the profound impact of the LGBT Network, led by founder and President/CEO David Kilmnick, PhD.

“Faces that came to us in despair and fear turned into smiles, hope, happiness, and joy is what makes me proud. Here’s to the next 25 years!” exclaimed Kilmnick, reflecting on his life’s work.  Over its 25-year history, the LGBT Network has served and educated hundreds of thousands of people to fulfill its purpose of helping LGBT people and the greater community to be themselves, stay healthy, and change the world. 

The article features stories of several people who have had their lives changed and saved by being a part of Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth (LIGALY) and the LGBT Network.  Highlighted is the story of Zack, a 22-year-old trans young adult who shared that the LGBT Network not only saved their life, but transformed their emotions to become an advocate for themselves, and others.

“The LGBT Network saved my life, and it saved thousands of other lives on Long Island, and I would say [it saved lives] across the country [of those] who have been watching the work we’ve been doing,” Zack says, commenting on their involvement and evolution with the LGBT Network into a national advocate and ambassador for equality.

The groundbreaking Newsday feature captures the LGBT Network’s leadership over the last 25 years through highlighting many of its “firsts” - the Gay Parent Teacher Association, LGBT youth prom, Pride Night with the Mets, among many others and looks at the LGBT Network’s future priorities of opening more LGBT Centers, housing for seniors, runaway and homeless youth and people living with HIV/AIDS and a robust workforce development initiative.

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