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LIGALY appointed to Suffolk County Task Force to Prevent Family Violence

In 2014, Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth (LIGALY) was appointed to the Suffolk County Taskforce to Prevent Family Violence and since then has advised the County Executive on all matters related to family violence, including intimate partner violence and abuse and neglect of children, adults and elders, and to provide a collaborative forum for family violence service agencies and service providers that will improve access to and facilitate coordination of services for victims of family violence in Suffolk County.

LIGALY, in collaboration with 8 other community-based organizations appointed to the Task Force, has participated in many projects including, helping to organize the 2015 Commemoration Day honoring victims of domestic violence, collaboration with other task force agencies to identify and implement a social media campaign, providing cultural competency trainings to Suffolk County Victim Services agencies, assisting the County in the enchancement of the Suffolk County Task Fore website to improve access to support services throughout the county, releasing a 2014 PSA for Teen Dating Violence to engage parents in strategies to stop teen violence, and other projects focused on increasing public awareness and help to prevent family violence in Suffolk County.  

Prior to 2014, LIGALY advocated for inclusion in the Task Force but those requests were not granted. Under the leadership of County Executive Bellone, LIGALY was appointed and has been an active agency member ever since. For more information on LIGALY's services to support LGBT vicitims of violence, visit our Anti-Violence Project.

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