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LGBT Network Applauds First Openly Gay Judge Sworn Into New York's Highest Court

(ALBANY, NY) Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017 - The New York LGBT Network praised and applauded Justice Paul G. Feinman, the first openly gay judge to be sworn into the New York Court of Appeals - the state's highest court.

"This historic day will serve as a groundbreaking moment for so many young LGBT people in our community who may have never have thought it was possible to obtain such a prominent position while also being able to stay true to oneself, said Dr. David Kilmnick, President and CEO of the New York LGBT Network. "

During Justice Feinman's month long nomination process, Governor Andrew Cuomo called him a "trailblazer," and state legislators from both parties sang the Justice praise for his tremendous qualifications and dedication to the law.

"Justice Feinman will be an excellent addition to the New York State Court of Appeals," said Dr. Kilmnick. "I thank him for his service, as well as Governor Andrew Cuomo and so many of our New York State lawmakers for having the wisdom and foresight to choose him."

The New York LGBT Network is a home and voice for LGBT people, their families, and support systems of Long Island and New York City. The LGBT Network has a 24-year history of pioneering advocacy and change to promote safe spaces, not only within its programs, but in schools, workplaces, organizations, and in the greater community.

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