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August 6, 2019 – LGBT Network announces it will be holding the region’s first-ever LGBT Workplace Summit on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 to convene professionals from all sectors of business to support and advance LGBT diversity and inclusion efforts in Long Island workplaces. With Walmart as a Presenting Sponsor, the Workplace Summit will be held at the LGBT Network’s new Hauppauge Center within the Hauppauge Industrial Park/Long Island Innovation Park. Event registration is open, and sponsorships and journal ads are available.

“This is one small step for the LGBT Network, and one huge leap for LGBT people in Long Island workplaces,” states David Kilmnick, Founder, President and CEO of LGBT Network. “The LGBT Network is taking-on this issue to help create safer workplaces for the LGBT community. We are bringing people together from Long Island businesses to help and support them in doing more to create workplaces that are safer, more inclusive, and more welcoming for LGBT employees.”


LGBT People in the Workplace

Kilmnick states that “LGBT people face higher rates of discrimination and bullying in the workplace, while avoiding being out for fear of backlash, being isolated by co-workers, and being passed over for promotions. Many move-on from jobs because the culture is not affirming, and in the worst cases are unsafe.”

  • More than half of LGBT people heard jokes about LGBT people
  • More than half of LGBT workers hide their sexual orientation in their workplace
  • Nearly one in 10 LGBT employees left a job because the environment was unwelcoming


( Quick Take: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Workplace Issues)


Community-Driven Need

Kilmnick says “The LGBT Network is producing this LGBT Workplace Summit in response to a clear need – more and more companies are contacting the LGBT Network for corporate and workplace LGBT programs. And each company is doing something different and are seeking to learn new ways to grow their efforts. However, there is no way for these companies to connect. The LGBT Network is addressing this gap: We are bringing all of these companies together to help them learn from each other. The LGBT Network is here providing expertise while also serving as a catalyst for these companies to “come out” to network and learn.”

Companies are working towards inclusion and are seeking guidance on how to achieve their goals. The Summit’s Presenting Sponsor Walmart is one of example. Their inclusion statement reads: “Walmart values, supports, and champions unique identities, experiences, styles, and perspectives so that all associates feel safe, welcome, and empowered to reach their full potential every day - in pursuit of our purpose to help all people save money and live better.”

“This not just about attracting LGBT talent, but helping companies keep the LGBT talent they find – too many people leave Long Island, and LGBT young people in particular leave Long Island for LGBT-affirming places like New York City,” says Kilmnick.

The LGBT Network offers tailored training programs for the workplace that provide education and increase awareness, as well as specialized programs for human resource personnel and managers. The Workplace Summit builds on the work the organization has been conducting for years, including working with Chase Bank Diversity Council and training all of the IRS branches in the 90s.

The LGBT Network has engaged a 13-member committee to design the event and drive content. The committee includes representatives from companies such as presenting sponsor Walmart, Northwell Health, Walgreens, Henry Schein Inc., People’s United Bank, Local 1102, Capital One, Newsday, National EAP, and others. See full listing of committee members here.


Summit Addresses Key LGBT Workplace Issues

The LGBT Workplace Summit will focus on five key areas:

1. Human Resource Guidance for Recruitment and Retention

2. Policies to Create LGBT-Inclusive and Affirming Workplaces

3. Creating Transgender-Inclusive Workplaces

4. Workplace Support and Building Allies

5. LGBT Employee Resource Groups


Early Bird Registration is now open and Sponsorships are available for the LGBT Workplace Summit at, by calling 631-665-2300, or via e-mail at


About the LGBT Network

The LGBT Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is a home and a voice for LGBT people, their families, and support systems. The LGBT Network’s community centers help LGBT people to be themselves, stay healthy, and change the world. Since 1993, the LGBT Network has been pioneering advocacy and social change to create safe spaces where LGBT people live, learn, work, play, and pray. The LGBT Network is Long Island’s only LGBT services organization. Based on budget and number of staff, the LGBT Network is the 5th largest LGBT community center organization in America, and operates the nation’s largest suburban LGBT community center.

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