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LGBT Network Announces 2020 Program Goals

After a record-setting year in 2019, the LGBT Network is planning an ambitious 2020 year for its programs and community initiatives to continue its momentum as a leading provider of LGBT services in both Long Island and Queens.

In 2019, the LGBT Network opened its new 15,000 sq.-ft. flagship Hauppauge Center, doubled the reach of its annual National Coming Out Day Campaign to 900 groups, held another successful Pride, launched a Workplace Initiative, had record-setting attendance at both its youth conferences in Long Island and Queens, and significantly grew programs for LGBT-headed families. For its HIV services, the LGBT Network was recognized by the New York State Department of Health as a “Top 13 agency for HIV testing in New York State” for its overall performance. The LGBT Network thanks its generous donors, funders, and sponsors for their support that enables the organization to perform this work throughout the year.

Now, the organization is seeking support to continue its success in 2020. Here’s the run-down:

  1. Visibility & Awareness: Expand outreach and education in schools, organizations, and community settings to increase community awareness and link more people than ever before to our expansive range of programs and services.
  2. Building Community: Expand social and cultural programming utilizing our community centers so that we can provide more opportunities for LGBT people, their families, and their support systems to meet, connect, and build community.
  3. Youth & Anti-Bullying: Build youth leadership by growing programs for afterschool GSA clubs so that LGBT youth are empowered to combat and counter bullying.
  4. TGNCNB: Build community for Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, and Non-Binary (TGNCNB) communities and connect TGNCNB people to affirming providers to help TGNCNB people to stay healthy.
  5. LGBT Families: Help more LGBT-headed families connect and build community and help LGBT people who want to start or expand their families.
  6. Support: Promote mental health through counseling services, and help survivors of hate crimes, sexual assault, and intimate partner/domestic violence.
  7. Stop HIV: Expand HIV testing and outreach activities so that more people know their status, to get more people on PrEP, and to help more LGBT people living with HIV to access and remain in healthcare.
  8. Latino & Immigrant Communities: Grow initiatives to help Latino, Spanish-speaking, and Immigrant communities to find and build community, and to access information and support services in a safe and affirming space.
  9. Workplaces: Advance LGBT diversity and inclusion in workplaces through our new Workplace Initiative in order to create safer work environments for LGBT employees.
  10. More Pride: Develop Pride Initiatives by enhancing annual Long Island Pride celebration, annual Pride Nights with major professional sports teams, and other partnerships.

To support these programs in 2020, the LGBT Network is coordinating a giving effort so that people can make gifts to sustain these life-saving initiatives.

To make a donation online, go here. For more information, please contact the Development Department at 631-665-2300 or

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