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GSA Trainings

National Coming Out Day School Awareness Campaign Training
(September – October)

Learn how to make LIGALY’s National Coming Out Day School Awareness Campaign most effective in your school as an opportunity for students to raise awareness about homophobia, transphobia and safe schools.

National Day of Silence Training
(January – April)

This annual student day of action is the largest in the country and is organized each year in mid-April. In this training we will help get your GSA ready and provide you with the tools to have an effective National Day of Silence program in your school.

Oppression and Diversity

In this workshop, we will investigate the intersection of different forms of oppression and how they relate to the GLBT rights movement. Suggestions for working to break down barriers and create a move inclusive GSA will also be presented.

Activism 101

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce uninitiated GLBT folks and their allies to the fundamentals of activism in its various forms and ways to effectively create change inside and out of our community. This workshop explores the many ways to be an activist, how activism is constantly changing, and ways to get involved on Long Island.

Putting the "T" in "GSA" - How to be More Trans Inclusive

This workshop addresses a common challenge not only in GSA's, but in the GLBT community - how to be more inclusive of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals.  This workshop provides a foundation for understanding transgender and specific ways your GSA can become more trans-inclusive.

The GSA Peak Performance Series

Getting your GSA off the Ground

You worked hard and now your school has a GSA. Now what? In this training, we will begin to create a timeline and vision for your GSA and discuss how to effectively implement it.

Goal Setting

Ever find that your GSA has a lot of good ideas, but not a lot of results? In this workshop, we will discuss all the facets of effective goal setting by working with one specific goal your club has!


One of the best ways to have a successful GSA is with strong and empathetic leadership. Learn the valuable tools to be a leader, and create the leadership structure that will be most effective for your GSA.

Membership and Recruitment

Are your membership numbers sinking? In this workshop, we will talk about the aspects of attracting and retaining members in your GSA club including publicity, group activities, and meeting structure.

Running Workshops

Bring your important message of safer schools to the rest of your school community! In this workshop, your club will be prepared to go into classes and other clubs to talk about GLBT people and safe schools. (This workshop generally occurs over 2 club meetings)

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