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LGBT 101 for the Workplace

Experience the LGBT Network’s tried-and-true LGBT 101 program that, since 1993, has educated tens of thousands of people about the LGBT experience.  The “LGBT 101 for the Workplace” is a tailored, interactive 75-minute session that serves a primer (or refresher!) about LGBT people, sexual orientation, gender identity, and the realities and needs of LGBT employees.  The session is delivered in a fun and upbeat way, creating a safe space for people to ask questions.  The program is appropriate for all employees, including C-suite executives, and is a prerequisite for many of the LGBT Network’s other education and training programs.  

NOTE: If you are part of a company that is seeking to have multiple employees participate in the session, we can schedule your own program date and time to accommodate your needs. 

Questions? Interested in scheduling a session for your Company? Contact Robert Vitelli, Chief Operating Officer of the LGBT Network at





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