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2021 Virtual LGBT Youth Conference

Young people, teachers, and other youth workers from Long Island, Queens, and beyond are invited to attend a virtual day of learning, advocacy, and fun. This year’s conference will include two sessions of workshops, with multiple options each session. We’ll also break for fun, socializing, and networking. Workshop topics will include LGBT Information and History, Gender Identity, Advocacy and Activism, Healthy Relationships, Health, Safety, and more! Workshop announcements coming soon.


10:00am-10:30am- Welcome
10:30am-11:30am Workshop Session 1
11:30am-12:30pm Social Hour Activities
12:30pm-1:30pm Workshop Session 2
1:30pm-2:00pm - Closing


Workshop Session 1 10:30am-11:30am

Charging Up Your GSA

This interactive workshop will provide the tools to support GSA club members in achieving their fullest potential. Membership recruitment and retention, leadership development, and organizing are just a few of the topics that will be discussed.

LGBT 101

This interactive workshop addresses stereotypes, provides information about LGBT people, defines sexual orientation and gender identity, and discusses anti-LGBT bullying, including the inappropriate use of the word ‘gay.’

Roots to Revolution

Learn about the history of the LGBT community, including and beyond Stonewall. This workshop will review important events and people in the LGBT rights movement- and how LGBT people and history are inextricably linked to all history.

Know Your Rights in School

Come learn about what rights are guaranteed to LGBT Students in NYC and New York State. The workshops will discuss how students and faculty can engage in advocacy to improve the climate of their schools, and what they can use to back up their activism.


Social Session 11:30am-12:30pm

Scavenger Hunt

Online scavenger hunt? Come find out what it’s all about, rise to the challenge, and may be learn a thing or two while getting up and moving your body.

Break The Ice

This social session will allow participants to socialize and get to know each other in between workshops. Come share as much or as little as you want while meeting other cool LGBTQIA folks and Allies from LI, NYC, and Beyond.

Music Lounge

Come chill with some tunes and meet some great people. DJ Mark will provide a great atmosphere to decompress between workshops.

Resource Room

LGBT Network Staff will be on hand in this virtual tabling session to answer any questions, inform you about our programs, and connect you to any needed services.


Workshop Session 2 12:30pm-1:30pm

Sexpardy (Sexual Health Jeopardy)

How much do you know about sexual health…especially keeping safe as an LGBT person? Come test your knowledge on our quiz board. We’ll bet your learn something new!

T 201: The Transgender Experience

This workshop will explore the “T” in LGBT and how gender identity differs from sexual orientation. Myths and stereotypes about transgender people, the negative effects of transphobia and bullying, and ways to create safer spaces for transgender people will be reviewed. Issues facing transgender people, risk factors, supportive factors, and best practices will also be discussed.

Day of Silence Prep

What is Day of Silence and how can it help improve the climate of your school or community. Come find out about this day of action- and how you can do it in your school. History, Resources, and Strategies will be shared.

Substance Abuse in the LGBT Community- How to Help a Friend

LGBT People are at great risk for misusing substances and experiencing their ill effects. Come find out about the LGBT community’s relationship to substances- and how to help someone you care about if you are worried about their health and relationship to drugs and alcohol.


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This virtual conference is free for all to attend. Register now!

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