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VNS Health helps you live, age, and heal well, where you feel most comfortable — in your own home, connected to your family and community.

The Bountiful Company

We’re The Bountiful Company, a Nestlé Health Science Company. We live at the intersection of nature and science. Creating new ways for people to live healthier lives and make the most of each and every day.

Rejuvenna Spa

Rejuvenna is a full service skincare treatment spa. Our revitalizing and relaxing treatments cater to people from all walks of life.

Offering the newest and most innovative skincare techniques combined with experience and expertise is the key to leaving your skin feeling radiant, refreshed, healthy and beautiful. In addition complete waxing services for both men and women offer our clients a quick and painless way to look great and increase confidence.

With dozens of services to offer Rejuvenna Spa is dedicated to to treating the skin, the body’s largest organ, with nutrients to achieve denser, resilient and a more youthful appearance leaving our clients feeling and looking wonderful.

Stop by and rejuvennate with us.