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Be An Upstander

In most instances of bullying, if someone steps in to help the victim within ten seconds, the bullying stops.  Training and empowering so-called “upstanders" to step in and stop bullying is an important strategy to end the bullying of LGBT youth and adults.

The LGBT Network conducts its “Upstander Training” in our schools, community organizations and businesses to train and empower youth and adults to stop bullying when they see it, thereby serving as an Upstander. More and more schools, organizations and businesses have been requesting this workshop, and in 2016 alone, the LGBT Network delivered more than 40 sessions of this training.

With bullying on the rise since the presidential election, this training – as well as the other services of the LGBT Network’s Safe Schools Initiative – are more needed than ever before.  That’s what why the LGBT Network needs your help today.

We need you to join us as an Upstander to keep our LGBT youth safe in our schools and communities. Show your support today by making a donation and then you will recieve a special supporter badge to post to your Facebook and other social media profiles to spread the word about why we need more Upstanders!

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