Meet the Staff

Ernesto Hernandez

Early Intervention Specialist

Ernesto Hernandez is the LGBT Network’s Early Intervention Specialist. His task is to identify individuals in Nassau County who have been diagnosed with HIV and are not under medical treatment. In addition, his task also involves finding those who might have the infection but are not aware of their status. For him this is a great opportunity as he is able to make a difference by helping others to live a healthy life.

Ernesto started attending gay groups in Mexico City. He moved to New York in 2005 and he immediately got involved with the community by participating in LGBT groups. For him, LGBT groups are a life line especially for those immigrants who suddenly find themselves in a new city or country with no friends nor family. After many years of involvement in these programs, he started to facilitate workshops which eventually resulted in becoming the volunteer educational coordinator.

He believes that education is the key for empowering our communities. He is currently getting certified as a consultant and communicator by the “Instituto de Semiologia” in Mexico City. He plans to eventually translate that knowledge and bring it to New York.

When he gets some free time Ernesto enjoys the beach, reading, travelling with his husband Ricardo, going out, and exploring new places (especially restaurants). His plans to conquer the world are on hold for the time being.

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