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All Centers Closed for President's Day

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The Hamptons Center is hosting our annual East End Family Event on the front lawn! join us for a day of fun that includes a barbecue, treats, lawn games, Bouncy House & more!

Presented by the LGBT Network's Center Family Project.

Submitted on Thursday, May 19, 2016 - 2:11pm

A Center Family Event for all ages. The theme will be the horse racing season of the Triple Crown. "Come on down to the Races at Bay Shore! No high stakes, no betting, just fun! Bring your favorite treat, and we will decorate Derby Hats, sip Juleps and hold our own horse races!"

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Saturday, March 19th | 12 to 3 pm | Center at Bay Shore | 34 Park Avenue, Bay Shore

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Saturday, February 13th | The Center at Bay Shore

We want to be your Valentine! Join the LGBT Network and its Center Family Project for an afternoon of eating, dancing, and craft-making at The Center at Bay Shore. It's a potluck style meal, so bring a dish to share! 

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Monday, January 11th | 1 pm | Center at Bay Shore | 34 Park Avenue, Bay Shore